Have you seen a witch?

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A Golden Castle

One sunny day, in the deepest darkest forest a castle sat hidden away,

This was no ordinary castle this was a magical Golden Castle,

It was so bright that it would hurt people’s eyes so people had to wear special glasses so there eyes wouldn’t hurt,

Once inside the Golden Castle is where the magic begins, the rooms and the stairs change round which is always making it difficult to get to the room you want to get too.

Under the Golden Castle is a secret maze that only the people who live there knew about, many have tried to beat and maze and win the treasure but nobody has, the special treasure that everybody wanted to win a golden cup that always fills up itself.

One of the rooms in the castle was a libary which had lots and lots books what had spells in them, people tried to do the spells but never had the right wand.

Another special room in the castle is the art room, where you can paint, colour wright and draw, the difference is with this room that anything that you create on paper comes to life for 5 minutes

Every castle has an secret passage way that’s leads to a special room, this one leads to a treasure room where there is Gold, Ruby’s and Diamonds all over,

When it comes to breakfast dinner and tea, whatever you ask for to eat, it will come floating to you on a plate, drops it off then goes back to the kitchen,

This is a magical castle so if you ever come across it be sure to keep it a secret

The End



How to fly

you will need

A spot of sun lite, some petals, a coldren, a spoon, some ginger  hair, a cup

1. Get the coldren

2. Put the spot of sunlite in the coldren and all the rest of the igredints

3. Grab the spoon and mix it

4. Get the spoon and put it in the cup

5. Pore the cup in our mouth and you will ift off the ground



On Sunday we went to “The Lion Hotel”. I had bred with butter and cream. Blogosaurous had milk because they did not have what he want. We also had hot chocolate with whipped cream. On Monday we went to canch to feed ducks. We met there my friend Meggi. So we share with her our bread and together we fed ducks. Ducks were very hungry and ate all bread quickly.